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United Arab Emirates National Agenda Vision 2021

Formed by a confederation of Arab monarchies, each holding its sovereignty , the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dahbi , Dubai, Sharjan , Ajman, Umm al- Quwain , Ras al- Khaimah and Fujairah ) , aim to get in 2021 , the recognition of one of the best countries in the world .

In the year of celebration of the nation's Golden Jubilee, when celebrating the union of the Emirates, and with the collaboration of 90 federal institutions, the Government established a National Agenda for the sectors of Education, Health, Economy, Security, Infrastructure and Services which provides a list of 6 final objectives to fulfil:

Cohesive Society and Preserved Identity

By promoting an inclusive environment and culture that integrates all segments of society while preserving also the cultural heritage and traditions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and reinforces social and family cohesion.

Competitive Knowledge Economy

It is intended that the UAE will become as the economic, commercial and touristic capital for more than two billion people, rising to an economy based on knowledge, promoting innovation, research and development, strengthening the regulatory framework for key sectors and encouraging the development of other sectors. These measures will improve the country's business environment and increase its attractiveness to foreign investment.

The National Agenda also aims for the United Arab Emirates to be among the world's best in entrepreneurship, as this plays a key role in the enhancement of national human resources and allows them to be a driving force of economic development of the country through small and medium enterprises in the private sector. In addition, it also reinforces the idea of an entrepreneurial culture in schools and universities to encourage generations endowed with leadership, creativity, responsibility and ambition. This will allow the UAE to be among the world's best in terms of doing business, innovation, entrepreneurship and R & D indicators.

World-Class Healthcare

The Government will work closely with all the country's health authorities to get to all public and private hospitals, accredited according to clear national and international quality standards of medical services and staff.

Moreover, the National Agenda emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine and aims to reduce cancer and diseases related to lifestyle, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease to ensure a longer and healthier life for citizens. In addition, the Agenda aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking and increase the availability of the health system to deal with epidemics and health risks , which will allow the UAE to become among the world's top countries in terms of quality of healthcare. 

First-Rate Education System

To fulfill this objective, the UAE National Agenda Vision 2021, promotes the development of an first-rate education system, which will require a complete transformation of the current methods of education and teaching system or methods. The National Agenda aims for all schools, universities and students must be equipped with Smart systems and technological devices that will form the basis for all teaching methods, projects and research . There will also be significant investment to promote and strengthen enrollment in preschools because it plays an important role in shaping the character of children and their future.

It is established also a goal that the students of the UAE will be among the world's best ranking in reading, mathematics and science exams and will have a strong knowledge of the Arabic language .

Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure

To achieve this , the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda focuses on the improvement of air quality , preservation of water resources , increased use of Clean Energy and implementing sustainable growth plans.

Also in this regard , it refers the importance of infrastructures and aims for the UAE to be among the best in the world in the quality of airports, ports, road infrastructure, and electricity.

Safe Public and Fair Judiciary

In this matter, is intended to strengthen the sense of security to citizens and achieve a prominent place in the areas of safety, preparedness and response in case of emergency , confidence in public and road safety forces. The document also reaffirms the importance of a fair and active legal system that guarantees individual rights and protect commercial transactions and its agents and to make the national judicial system as one of the most efficient worldwide.


As a contribution for UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda, the current Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , announced the intention to develop structural policies in the areas of science, technology and innovation that would ease, by 2021 , the economy's dependence from oil exploration in Dubai.

These policies go through legislative initiatives and a clear financial investment in specific areas through the creation of partnerships with foreign entities to encourage technology transfer and the creation of strategic partnerships that allow by 2021 as a whole, to achieve a number of 40 % of skilled workers in the country.

For this matter, it is expected an investment of 300 billion Dirhams, equivalent to 81 billion United States Dollars, distributed as follows:

  • Clean Energy: Dh 128 Billion;
  • Renewable Energy: Dh 72 billion;
  • Aviation research, development and manufacturing: Dh 40 billion;
  • Space sector investment: Dh 20 billion;
  • Research and development in several key sectors: Dh 31 billion;
  • Establish innovation incubators; Dh 6 Billion;
  • Develop and establish research centers allocated to academic institutions: Dh 6 Billion

The creation of structural development policy of science, technology and innovation by 2021, opens up new doors of business opportunities and partnerships with local entities in various areas such as:

  1. Education

  • Investment and legislative initiative that encourages partnerships between international and local pharmaceutical industry;
  • Development of technology and research in the field of stem cells and biotechnology;
  • By creating conditions and incentives for the establishment of R & D centers.
  1. Energy

  • Development of desalination program;
  • Innovation in cloud seeding;
  • Preservation of water and maintenance of water supply resources;
  • Establish incubators that allow the growth of green and recyclable energy sector.
  1. Industry

  • Establish industrial complex for technology development of automotive and auto parts manufacturing;
  • Development and research programs in the robotics sector;
  • Set up of industrial units for the aviation sector and implementation of programs to establish the link between universities and the public sector.

It is undoubtedly an ambitious project that UAE propose itself and in the long term, hopefully, should be fulfilled.